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Multi-sensor Modbus AMS06-MODBUS LCD

The maintenance-free microprocessor-controlled AMSxx-MODBUS measuring device combines a large number of measured variables in various possible combinations. It is the perfect device to realize a demand-oriented air conditioning considering the relevant measured variables. Possible are combinations for the measurement of humidity & temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, air quality (VOC), fine dust, atmospheric / barometric air pressure and differential pressure.

The detection range of the sensors is designed for standard applications of HVAC technology for the monitoring of residential and conference room, workplace and production facilities. However, special designs, other measuring ranges and measured variables can also be implemented on request. Ventilation according to demand, increase of well-being and customer benefit, increased comfort as well as a reduction of operating costs by energy saving are only some results of the use of this compact device. The high quality housing series BoCube® with hinge lock technology and the approx. 4 inch graphic LCD display perfectly match the design and quality standards of this device. Configuration (bus address, transmission mode, baud rate, etc.) is carried out conveniently and quickly via a self-explanatory menu. Via corresponding registers, fine adjustments of individual measured variables, the initiation of VOC and/or CO2 calibrations and changes to the display can be made, among other things.

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Measuring accuracy, CO
±10 ppm + max. ±5% v. MW (@ 50%r.H. / 20°C / 1013mbar)
Measuring range (PM)
Measuring range, CO
0...1000 ppm
Sensor, CO
electrochemical gas sensor
Voltage supply
24 V DC (± 5%)
Power consumption
150mA (depending on backlight) plus approx. 20mA/sensor (peak CO2 200mA, 50ms)
Measuring range, humidity
0-100% r.H.
Operating range, humidity
0...98% r.H., pollutant-free, non-precipitating air
Deviation of humidity
±3% r.H. (30-70% r.H.); ±5% r.H.
Temperature deviation
±0,5 K
Measuring range, VOC
Measuring range, pressure
-100...+100 /-500...+500 / -5000...+5000 Pa
Measuring accuracy, VOC
±5 μg/m3 + max. ±4% EW (@ 20°C, 45% r.h., 1013 mbar)
Sensor, VOC
VOC sensor (metal oxide) (VOC = volatile organic compounds),
with manual calibration (via zero button),
with automatic calibration (can be deactivated via DIP switches)
Measuring range, CO2
multi-range switching (selectable via DIP switches)
0...2000 ppm; 0...5000 ppm; 0...10000 ppm
Sensor, CO2
optical NDIR sensor (non-dispersive infra-red technology)
with automatic and manual calibration
Temperature dependence, CO2
±5 ppm / K
Modbus RTU
Measuring range
Atmospheric/barometric air pressure: 500-1150 mbar
Measuring accuracy, CO2
0...2000 ppm: ±50 ppm + 2% MW, 0...5000 ppm: ±50 ppm + 3% MW, otherwise: ±100 ppm + 5% MW (@ 50%r.H. / 20°C / 1013mbar, Autocal. = on)
Measuring ranges
CO2: 0..10 000ppm (optional 20 000ppm or 50 000ppm)
PM: ±5 μg/m3 + max. ±4% EW (@ 20°C, 45% r.F., 1013 mbar)
Pressure dependence
compensated with option selection air pressure sensor, otherwise 0.16% of measured value/hPa difference to 1013mbar
Accuracy, pressure
±3 mbar
Zero point offset
by register
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Electrical connection
Push-in terminal
PC UL with hinge locks, light gray
Cable gland
M 16 x 1.5; including strain relief
Bursting pressure
5-fold measuring range
150 x 80 x 62 mm
Long-term stability
±1% EW/ Year
VOC: ±5% EW/year (auto-calibration ON).
±1,0% EW
Protection class
III (according to EN 60 730)
Protection type
IP 65
Protection type (sensor)

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