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7:00 am
The curtains are automatically opened slowly, and the first morning sun shines into the room. The background music sounds gently, the heating in the bathroom is automatically turned on, and the most comfortable temperature is adjusted, and the latest news has been pushed to the washing mirror...
8:15 am
With a happy mood, you are ready to leave home to work.
With the home button on the intelligent control panel at the door, all related electrical equipment is turned off. When you enter the garage, the garage door automatically opens. Once the car leaves the garage, the garage door automatically closes.
At this point your house is beginning to realize that it is unmanned from now on and actively enters the security phase: the human motion detector, the door and window status sensor becomes active. The outdoor louver is automatically put down as needed. It not only prevents rain from entering the window, but also adjusts the direct sunlight according to the indoor temperature. It also has the function of anti-theft. Air conditioning or heating automatically enters a closed state to save energy.
At this time, any unexpected changes in the home, you will get a reminder of mobile phone text messages, if necessary, there will be on-site video push to ensure that all security information is available at the first time.

18:00 pm
Your love house is looking forward to your return from work. Air conditioning or heating will automatically turn on and adjust to the right temperature so you can enjoy the most comfortable temperature when you get home. Even if you go home because of overtime or entertainment, you can go home by remote control with one phone.
18:45 pm
When you return to the garage door, the garage door opens automatically and smoothly into the garage with multiple but unusually fast verifications. The garden lights will automatically open to welcome you back. According to face recognition, when you enter the room, the home mode is automatically turned on, the background music is slowly turned on, the outdoor louvers are slowly lowered, and the automatic watering system is automatically turned on...
19:30 pm
The temperature and hot water of the bathroom are ready, you can enjoy the bathroom time in the most comfortable state, wash away the dust of the day...
20:00 pm
The time of enjoyment is here, and the color and intensity of the light automatically jump to the best state. The lights in the living room are dimmed, avoiding nasty reflections on the TV screen, and all the family members sit around and enjoy the best family time of the day...
22:00 pm
When you and your family and the house go to sleep, you can automatically turn off the garden lights and other related equipment by one-touch operation, and activate the human motion sensor and the door and window status sensor to ensure the safety of the family...